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We came up with the concept of with the desire to be the leading resource for people looking to learn general information, contribute / ask questions to the community via our forum, buy or sell your boat. We have compiled a team of experts that can walk you through every step of the process and save you a lot of money along the way.

Whether your Lobsterman from Maine or a sailor that is coming over to the dark side, I am sure you will all agree, there is nothing like a down east boat. With a hull design that will stand up to the darkest of storms and an elegancy of a fine European car, down east boats have long been the standard of seamen who are looking for a worthy vessel. is designed to be a reliable resource for all your questions on hull designs, glass work, brightwork, repairs, engine maintenance and more. Our interactive forum and online expert portal will help you get the answers that you are looking for. Lifelong boaters as well as new enthusiasts can come together on down east to buy & sell, share knowledge, and get the expert advice on everything from burgee to ensign. Feel free to contact us to learn more! 

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Downeast Boat will only list boats directly for the seller, therefore you are receiving information direct from the source and not by a third-party broker.  Our focus is providing buyers with accurate & detailed information on their next purchase. Our web portal allows sellers up to thirty photographs that are pre labeled for each part of the vessel along with a three-minute video. Lastly, sellers will have an upload option to share maintenance records and other pertinent information about the vessel. Downeast boat does not work off of commissions, like most brokers. We offer a set fee of $200.00 monthly. has unique SEO and typically ranks on the first page of a search, therefore, we do not advertise on other websites, or in magazines. We target down east boat enthusiasts who are looking for serious buyers and sellers at a fair and reasonable fee.