Looking to buy your Downeast Boat?

Buying Process:

Looking for a Down East Boat? Look no further. DownEastBoat.com connects you directly with the seller / owner of the vessel. The advantages are simple, accurate and in-depth information about the vessel that you are interested in directly from the source. Access to service records, maintenance manuals and contact with another enthusiast.

The following will explain the steps to purchase your next boat with the comfort of knowing that your dealing with a credible and honest source of information.

Step 1) If you will be securing a ship mortgage, get pre-qualified for a loan.

Step 2) Search our inventory and find a boat that you may be interested in learning about.(coming soon)

Step 3) Email to seller / owner to learn more about the vessel and ask appropriate questions.

Step 4) Make an offer using the YBAA purchase and sales agreement supplied to you. If the offer is accepted, a 10% deposit may be requested to be put into an escrow account. The account can be managed by a third party verifiable attorney agreed upon by both the seller and the buyer.

Step 5) Arrange for a marine survey by an “accredited marine surveyor” SAMS.  You may consider being present for the survey and sea trial. Upon completion of the survey, you will be provided with a full report with recommendations. The cost of the survey and related expenses is borne by the buyer.

Step 6) If necessary, negotiate any repairs and agree up upon final price of vessel.

Step 7) Arrange for a closing date and transfer certified funds to third party legal entity who will be handling the sale of the vessel. You will also have to document the transfer with the vessel with the USCG by following:


Step 8) Once the funds are received in the sellers account, arrange for land or sea transportation. Down East Boat may be able to assist you with a list of captains or reliable sources for land transportation.