Looking to sell your Downeast Boat?

Selling Process

So, its time to move on to your next vessel and the thought of paying a 10% commission to a broker is not sitting well with you. Listing you boat is easy on downestboat.com. Below you will find the steps necessary to list your boat. Of course, we are here to answer your questions or assist you with the process by emailing us at info@downeastboat.com. There are no hidden fees, $200.00 a month gives you full access to the site and one listing on downestboat.com. You can cancel at any time; you will be billed for a full (30) days if cancelled mid-cycle.

Step 1)  List your boat below.
Step 2) Take pictures and a video of your boat, we will supply you with “picture description” for your (30) online photos and a (3) minute video, just follow the  directions to upload.
Step 3) Fill in the online pre – populated fields to describe your boat in detail.
Step 4) List your boat – emails will be sent to you directly with DEB copied on the email. This will enable DEB to ensure that you have receive your inquiry. All correspondence is of course confidential as per our user agreement.


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